Distributed antenna systems (das)

Eliminate dead spots for communication

We specialize in Indoor Networks (iDAS) for all projects.

Embee’s Distributed Antenna System (DAS) eliminates dead spots for cell phones, tablets and laptops, no matter where you are. Increasingly popular for businesses that want to provide clients and employees seamless voice and data communication, DAS picks up and repeats signals throughout office buildings, warehouses and other structures. 

With DAS, you can streamline communication across your business and increase your operational capacity.


Indoor (iDAS) network

We specialize in the Design, Integration , & Management of Indoor Networks (iDAS)
An indoor DAS (iDAS) network provides building owners with a single system to address their wireless needs. Remote antennae are strategically placed throughout the building and connected to a single hub containing the wireless service provider’s equipment. This provides wireless carriers with a system that allows them to tailor their RF signal to the specific coverage and capacity needs of their environment.

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