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Tablets, smartphones, laptops, each piece of equipment is vying for the limited resources of your wireless bandwidth. Poor coverage will lead to frustrating inefficiency in your network, but many organizations throw up access points without considering where they’ll be needed most.

A properly designed wireless LAN will provide secure, high-speed network access throughout your facility’s desired coverage areas. Embee Technologies employs a structured, multi-step approach to wireless network design.


Wireless LAN Design

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  • Performance Validation Survey
  • System Troubleshooting
  • After a client provides use with a CAD, we use sophisticated RF modeling software to analyze the performance and coverage of their building's wireless network.
  • We validate the predicted coverage using the same make and model of access point and antenna on a survey cart.
  • After the system installation, we validate the final system and generate coverage and performance maps of the facility.
  • Embee's qualified team of WLAN experts will test and resolve any WLAN issues that may arise.
  • After the system installation (by us or another contractor), we validate the final system and provide coverage and performance maps of the facility.
  • Embee’s team of WLAN experts are well-qualified to discover, troubleshoot and resolve WLAN problems for your facility.

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Wireless LAN Design

Embee Technologies will provide your organization with a free estimate for designing a state-of-the-art wireless LAN infrastructure. Just answer a few short questions and provide us the layout of your building or floor (we accept PDF and DWG formats). Contact us to get started today!

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