Case study
This project involved WiFi design and implementation development throughout the Cal State LA campus. Embee installed structured cabling for 75 APs using Cat 6 cable (both indoor and outdoor applications). We also installed 19 EMS control boxes across campus, totaling 76 Cat5e cables. The data cables were terminated onto Cat5e blue data jacks and placed within the EMS box, inserting into 4port faceplates with a surface back box. All cabling from the EMS box was home-run to the nearest IDF/BDF location. Specific locations included: Theater Arts, Music, King Hall, Golden Eagle, the book store, JFK, administration, Fine Arts, PE, E&T, Physical Science (four locations), Biological Sciences, the student health center, Simpson Tower, Salazar Hall and the Career Center.
Students and faculty were complaining about inadequate BYOD coverage on campus. Users were having difficulty using their devices on campus due to a large student population attempting to use the system simultaneously.
Embee performed a heat map survey to identify problem areas. After analyzing student populations during specific times of the day, we designed a WiFi architecture that would not only solve the existing problem but anticipate future population increases.